Lavish'n Cozy Bath Soak

These luxury bath soaks are vegan and infused with top-grade essential oils (where oils are used). Made to order in small batches by Lavish'n Cozy in Brampton.

The Valley Alchemist Loose Leaf Tea

Made with tea leaves and flower petals that are Rainforest Alliance Certified, these loose leaf teas are hand blended by The Valley Alchemist in the Blue Mountains.

Aromatherapy Roller by Two Sisters Naturals

Crystal and Jillian - the "two sisters" behind Two Sisters Naturals in Midhurst - commit that every ingredient used in their products is 100% plant-based and packaged sustainably. They believe that bath and beauty products should not only feel good on your body - but should be good for your body. Their highly portable aromatherapy rollers are specifically designed to help balance your emotional well being. Pack them in your purse, store them on your desk or put them by your bedside table. Feel your stress slowly dissipate with this Tension Relief roller as you breathe in the scents of peppermint, lavender, frankincense, and eucalyptus.

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Sleep Mask

This sleep mask has been handmade by Luuluu Designs out of Kitchener. Luuluu Designs is run by the Luu family in Kitchener. Luxuriously soft, this satin sleep mask will have you in soothing slumber in no time.


Product usually ships in 1-3 days. If you need this gift delivered for a specific date, please let us know in the Order Notes section at checkout.

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Lavish'n Cozy Bath Soak


Coastal Waters, Joyful

The Valley Alchemist Loose Leaf Tea


Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Lavender Earl Grey, Lavender Mint, Vanilla Chai Black Tea

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