About Us

Hidden Gem gift boxes are discerningly curated with products sourced from local artisans and makers across the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada – all these goods are hidden gems! We have a fondness for unique, artisanal and small batch goods, because they tell a story, usually born of love for a craft. Nothing is more gratifying than to receive a good from the very hands that made it. We are so proud to support Ontario small businesses.

But Ontario is a vast province, and it’s not easy to shop local throughout the province and access all the goodness that’s available. So we do it for you! At Hidden Gem Gift Box Co., our goal is to unearth all the hidden gems across Ontario and deliver the best of our local artisans in a beautifully wrapped gift box, either as gifts for friends, family, or corporate clients, or simply for you to enjoy, because… why not? Ours are truly unique gifts.

Our true specialty is bespoke gifting. We can curate a custom and unique gift box for you. Simply tell us a little about your lucky gift recipient and we will create a personalized Hidden Gem gift box of made in Ontario goods. Or, if you’re looking for really unique event swag boxes, or a bridal party gift box, we can create those for you, too. You’ll feel great knowing you’re supporting local Ontario small businesses.

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