Best Tasting Jam Rediscovered

I’d almost forgotten about the best tasting jam I’d ever had. Thankfully, the internet sometimes can be a source for good… While seeking a jam supplier for our gift boxes, I came across a discussion thread started by a woman who was looking for a particular jam that she had purchased when she was visiting Stratford, Ontario. She said it was the best tasting jam she’d ever had. She couldn’t remember the name of the brand, but she remembered that it was made at a farm just outside of Stratford. Somebody suggested that it was Moss Berry Farm in Embro, and she was thrilled that somebody knew the name. She confirmed that this was the jam she was searching for.

When I visited the Moss Berry Farm website and saw the packaging, something looked very familiar about it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. And then out of the blue, I remembered that I’d had their jam at The SconeWitch, a bakery café in Ottawa, a couple of years ago. How would I remember that? Because when we bit into our morning scones, my daughter and I both said, “This is the best tasting jam we’ve ever had!” and I bought a jar on the spot.

best tasting jam
Moss Berry Jam

Moss Berry Farm has been producing their award-winning small batch jams since 1994. You can find two delicious flavours in our Hidden Gem Market.

Now I can’t stop thinking about toast and jam…

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