The Gift of Hand Roasted Coffee

How a product gets made makes a difference, and it couldn’t be more true for hand roasted coffee. After being furloughed during the height of COVID-19, I had taken to grinding whole coffee beans more often for our morning coffee, because… we could. Let’s face it, grinding fresh beans is the best way to have coffee.

I came across St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters and just loved the story of how Shane and Heather Hoffman decided to become coffee roasters, and the integrity behind their sourcing and roasting process. So I ordered a few bags of whole bean blends. The first bag we opened up was their Ship and Anchor blend of South and Central American beans, and it went down very smooth. We took to brewing a bigger pot each morning so we could savour it for longer!

hand roasted coffee
St. Joseph Island Coffee can be found in our “Ontario’s Finest” gift box

Like many small food producers I’ve come across, Shane and Heather longed for more simplicity. Moving from Calgary to a St. Joseph Island farmhouse in 2008 – 40 minutes east of Sault Ste Marie in Northern Ontario – they renovated an old bunkhouse which would become their roasting shack. Twelve years later, they continue to source only Fairtrade organic green coffee. I so admire their integrity, and the care they put into making their hand roasted blends. They have never wavered from supporting fair wages and the environment while pursuing a passion of theirs. They are active volunteers on St. Joseph Island, which sounds like an incredible community. Their story has me dreaming of living on a farm…!

Shop for St. Joseph Island coffee in our Hidden Gem Market today.

Now excuse me while I take a coffee break.

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